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Poetry - Of Remembrance & Hope

Hello! Big thanks to Gill and John for this week's poems.

Here's another poet I've found who I think is great! Sarah Kay.

This week's prompt is discoveries. Have you discovered anything ecenyl or in the oast you[ like to write about. Kt could be something about yourself or someone else. It could be something you've realised you like or a new place.

But as ever, we love to see and read your poems on any theme you choose.

Please send your poems to:

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Nov 09, 2020



Nov 09, 2020

Really brilliant piece from John about Remembrance, so touchimg. Loved Tracy,s thinking how life happens, very good.Enjoyed Sarah Kay. I love rainbows hoping that all find a way of coping. gave me an idea when early wednesday morning i captured this beautiful .Maybe a sign. Thank you Tracy

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