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Women’s Beekeeping Course

Women’s Beekeeping Course at Dutch Barn

3 x 4 hour sessions – must be able to attend all three sessions

4th, 11th and 18th June 10.00am – 2.30pm.

Must also be interested in to becoming a Dutch Barn bee guardian, caring for the Dutch Barn bees throughout the year

There will be a mixture of theory and practical activity covering all aspects of maintaining and managing Dutch Barn’s very own beehives.

Topics include bee biology, beekeeping equipment, why and when to inspect bees, how to tell the colony is building well and swarm control. A commitment is required to become a bee guardian of Dutch Farm bees after the course

Beekeeping suits will be provided for the sessions.

Places are limited on this course to women registered with PSS Wellbeing Centres. People who have not completed beekeeping training previously and those able to commit to caring for the bees moving forward will be prioritised if the demand is higher than places.

Call 07825 240616 to request a place.

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1 Comment

May 14, 2021

Love the idea of having bees at Dutch barn

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