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Become a quality checker with PSS!

As one of our awesome quality checkers, you’ll be someone with lived experience (expert by experience) and are currently supported by PSS or have been supported in the past. You might also be a staff member or a Shared Lives carer. What is a quality checker?

You’ll visit all our services and look at how we do things now to help us shape how we do things in the future.

You’ll know what high-quality support looks and feels like by using your own experiences and knowledge of PSS.

This is a flexible, part-time role, so you’ll be asked to get involved as and when we need your expert skills. Some months you might do a few hours, and others it might be more.

We’ll always discuss this with you first and make sure you’re happy and able to commit to the tasks being planned. Will I be paid?

In return for your time and effort, we’ll reimburse you in a way that works for you. This might be in the form of vouchers, activities, social events or money.

Want to know more? Head to our website for more info:


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