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Culture Vultures 4.02.21


February 4th ​is Time To Talk day! Have you seen the UpBeat post for "Talk in a Box" ; its a live zoom event running this afternoon and open to PSS members. Check it out here .

Robert Frist wrote a poem called ‘​A Time to Talk’​ about how when a farmer sees his friend passing on a horse, he doesn’t look around at his un-hoed hills and shout “what do you want?”, instead he thrusts his hoe in the ground and goes over for a friendly visit.

It feels like during recent months we have been rediscovering just how valuable it is to ‘thrust our hoes into the ground’ and make ‘time to talk’.

My Question for the chat this week is: if you could have a chat with anyone who would it be and what would you say? Head over to the Brolly café 'Chat' page to share your ideas with others.

Sign up for a free Upbeat Liverpool account which lets you post comments and take part on our chat forum page. This is open to any PSS Wellbeing Centres members.

For more info please contact us.

Links to this weeks Culture Vulture recommendations :

Settle stories a free event for National Storytelling week.

Book via link for 5 February from 7.00 to 8.00. Joining you in your living room is award-winning Lebanese storyteller Alia Alzougbi who will transport you to a world of hope, joy, and change with folktales from Turkey, Persia, and Japan. These tales celebrate life’s imperfections and remind us of the possibility of change:

The Dragon Cafe

Here’s a website with art and various other free activities I’ve recently come across called the Dragon Cafe well worth a look:

Ricefield Arts from Scotland and let’s get drawing

Chinese dragon workshop for all abilities 10 February 3.00 to 4.00.

Book a place via the link:

OUTing the Past Festival

11th February 6.00 to 8.30, an evening of talks exploring and celebrating LGBT+ histories from OUTing the past festival:

Tate on line with a queer walk through British art

Have a look at the info on a final selection of submissions from the LGBTIQA+ community which will be chosen to form a new online queer gallery on Tate’s website that will go live in March, 2021:

From the working class library the importance working class LGBTQ women in history

Date: 10th Feb 2021. Event time: 14:00 to 15:00

Marking LGBT+ History Month an online talk by Ray Woolford, 'The importance of working class LGBTQ woman in history, and why we need to reclaim this LGBT History Month our icons and our heroes'. The talk will be live-streamed - click on link for more details:

Some fabulous tours of museums and cities around the world, with Olga Cuckovic.

There’s some you can book and watch live or if you prefer you can watch the recording of Olga’s fab tours which are full of information and fun to watch:

Art for well-being

On until the end of February, click link to book a ticket to take part.

Medley will be running a free online art for wellbeing project throughout the month of February. Taking birds as its theme, the project will provide different art (and craft) activity ideas each week, with step-by-step instructions and examples. There will also be ideas of songs or music to listen to and ways to connect with birds in nature, to add another layer to the project and highlight how art, music and nature are all important. The project will be informal and flexible, and is open to anyone in any circumstances who feels that art might boost their wellbeing:

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali

One of the clearest and biggest fine art crossovers for Disney comes in the form of a seven-minute surreal animation titled Destino, written by none other than Salvador Dali. The project was first conceived in 1945, but was shelved due to the studio's financial issues after the Second World War. Destino was finally released in 2003 and includes the original 17-second test footage created at the start of the project. The finished short looks like a Dalí painting come to life, and has many moments that resemble his painting Metamorphosis of Narcissus:

Behind the Scenes with the Kneehigh theatre

With information on how to create a drama plus many more exciting activities relating to theatre production:

Met museum New York and the Mona Lisa

Choir with no name

A fantastic idea called the choir with no name sign up for their newsletter to learn more:

Best wishes and see you all next week!


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08 בפבר׳ 2021

Thank you Corinnexx


08 בפבר׳ 2021

Thanks Gill, I so look forward to the zoom events and look forward to hearing your next poem on Friday xx


08 בפבר׳ 2021

You do Corinne.


08 בפבר׳ 2021

Your welcome Corinne. You do cheer me upxxx


08 בפבר׳ 2021

Thank you Gill, so glad you enjoy it x

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