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WANTED! Explorers eager to make the most of Liverpool

What is your understanding of the word culture?

Have a little think about it...

Do you associate it with the arts? Does the word culture sound a bit alien to you? Or even a little bit snooty?

OK, times up!

Culture can cover everything and anything. It is a way of life. It's an almighty word which can include everything from art to cuisine to history and more.

Culture shapes our understanding of the world, it gives us knowledge about behaviours, beliefs, religion, music, science, language, traditions - phew! - maybe I should stop there!

So what has this got to do with Liverpool? Well Liverpool is brimming with fascinating culture, there is so much going on and so much to do that we don't even know the half of it!

This is where the Culture Vultures step in. A friendly group of explorers that seek out anything that marvels and amazes the mind. Head Culture Vulture Corinne finds fun ventures for people to enjoy on a biweekly basis, including affordable (and sometimes even free!) outings to theatre and concerts, taking trips to historic sites besides the sea and even underground! Corinne has truly been outstanding in delivering some first rate experiences.

The Culture Vultures pride themselves on being an inclusive and welcoming group and would love to welcome new people to the fold - and this is where you come in! On the 6th of February (that's a Monday!) at 1pm at the Umbrella Centre we will be hosting a friendly coffee and chat to introduce people to the Culture Vultures.

Here you can learn more about who the Culture Vultures are, what they are about and how you can get involved. We would love to hear what kind of events you would like to attend and talk together about how we can make the most of Liverpool!

Would you like to attend? Then tel 0151 708 0415 or email:

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1 Comment

Jan 13, 2023

Looking forward to the coffee and chat😂

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