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Wellbeing Centres Volunteers Meeting – Catch up with Cake!

At PSS Wellbeing Centres we truly appreciate the time and dedication of our volunteers.

Working across our three centres these incredible individuals help strengthen and support what we can offer here at PSS.

We know our volunteers have been very generous with their time so it’s only fair we put on a very generous spread!

Our Manager Nicky laid on a full table of scones, sausage rolls, cupcakes and cuppas for all to enjoy as our volunteers and staff members sunk their teeth into the food and the meeting’s agenda.

Firstly, we’d like to thank Ian who not only shared a few fond words about Shaun Flanagan at the meeting but also wrote a beautiful piece on the artist for Upbeat which can be read here. Shaun was a well-loved and valued member of the PSS community and was a treasured friend to many.

A teacup was raised not only for Shaun but for Gary Morgan. Gary was a fond friend, a valued volunteer at the Dutch Barn and a wonderful Cabin Crew member. Gary and Shaun will both be sorely missed.

Next we discussed our new search for more men(!)

Stevie runs a very warm and welcoming Men’s Group every Thursday at our tranquil Dutch Barn in Garston. If you identify as male and you’re in need of a friendly chat and a brew then call us on 0151 708 0415 or email

We then made a beeline for our Bee Guardians, Adele, Mark and Peter who have recently managed not one but two bee swarms and have been collecting all the bees precious honey.

Next up the focus was on the Gardening Group. These green fingered advocates gave us the updates about their plant produce and how Peter has been using them to concoct the most imaginative dishes for them to eat together every Monday.

Team Upbeat, Elsa, Corinne and Richard were present and on standby for the first draft of our new and improved Upbeat website… so watch this space!

Our meeting boasted a talented pool of creative people like Paula and Caron - who run our Craft Group and not forgetting our volunteers from Strumbrellas – Richard and Stevie – who have been sharing their Ukulele strumming skills on the Beginners Ukulele Course.

We have a handful of volunteers who have been proving themselves great teachers. Richard and Michelle have both now co-facilitated sessions with members of staff and Elwyn is Everyday Mindfulness sessions.

Recognised at the meeting was the tremendous efforts of Sports and Social and the Culture Vultures who have been securing some fantastic ventures and venues for their latest events. A friendly reminder to you lovely lot out there to keep posted on all their latest happenings on Upbeat as there is always something new every month. New attendees are always welcome!

An important issue which received further discussion was around our ‘Keeping Well’ aspect to the service we offer here at PSS Wellbeing Centres.

‘Keeping Well’ is our long-term support for those who have mental health issues that don’t go away and for whom traditional 1-1 therapy hasn’t worked. This service relies on our volunteers and peer support groups to help develop these important sessions which aims to reduce people’s symptoms, increase feelings of connectedness and empowers them to manage their wellbeing – reducing the risk of relapse. If you would like to further develop this service, please contact Nicky on 0151 708 0415 who will be creating a steering group.

We have 20 amazing peer support volunteers at present and we would love a 21st volunteer! If you’re currently attending the service and think this could be you then please get in contact with one of our team.

To end our meeting Nicky - with the help of the great Tina Turner(!) - then presented Volunteer Peer Support Certificates to our most recent graduates, Adele, Caron, Paula, Louise, Mark, Peter, Stevie.

Congratulations -You’re all simply the best!

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1 Comment
Jul 06, 2023

It was a lovely afternoon and great to meet the new Peer Supporters. Lots to look forward to.

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