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Anxiety and Me – Trying Your Best and Never Giving Up

The other week we advertised a callout to all those who live with anxiety.

In this callout we wanted to hear what helped you overcome the many challenges associated with this condition.

We’ve had some wonderful feedback, and it was helpful to hear your tips and tricks to manage anxiety on a day-to-day basis.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing these stories, starting with Bev, a person who attends our PSS Wellbeing Centres and has suffered with anxiety since a young age.

She's even shared some photos from her adventures in Prague!

Supermarket Dash

I find supermarket shopping can be very anxiety inducing. It can be noisy, with people stood in groups chatting and blocking aisles with their trolley. Then there’s either nobody on the checkouts or there’s big queues at any of the checkouts open. Using self-service checkouts when you have a good few items can cause anxiety too!

My Advice

● I go shopping as early as I can manage to, to avoid chaos. This means I can avoid crowds and can enjoy the rest of the day going to good activity places, or to take a nice slow walk somewhere. 

Look for the Loo

I’ve suffered from anxiety ever since my teens and have found it can be affected by a range of triggers. These include a lack of public toilets when out and about, (as anxiety affects the bladder and bowels.) This has me very nervous, especially when I’ve experienced menstrual problems, as people tend to bang /push the toilet door to see if you’re done, or if toilet is vacant.

My Advice

● In preparation I always check where local toilets are in advance.

Patience on the Phone

Being on the phone can be anxiety inducing, especially when you need help with benefits, or need to call utility companies. The frustration of being told to dial another number, enter account numbers on a telephone keypad, then more waiting! I have given up so many times! My husband has a stammer, so I sort and make telephone appointments for him. It can be exhausting and upsetting, especially when you’re unwell, or your loved one is unwell also.

My Advice

 ● TRY MY BEST and TRY NOT TO GIVE UP. Deep breaths and a big mug of tea after the call/conversation helps a bit.

A bit of Calm and Carry On

I’ve found chair yoga has helped with my anxiety, including breathing exercises and meditation. I find that strengthening my chest muscles helps my chronic lung condition, fibromyalgia, and long-term anxiety/depression disorder. Also, I can do this techniques/exercises/meditation at home when there is bad weather and transport issues.

Meditation and relaxation on Upbeat Liverpool all help the mind, body and soul. I enjoy the chair yoga exercises which are hosted and well explained by PSS Wellbeing Practitioner Cath. Chair based yoga strengthens our joints/muscles for if you have a fall at home or outside as wrists often get badly injured as you tend to put out your hand to save yourself. This exercise also helps for getting on and off a chair/couch/bed at home, so we’re more able to help ourselves. Thank you, Cath, for this!

To summarise, these are the main things that helps me. Some peace and quiet, listening to music but not at a loud volume, reading, photography on my phone, family and friends, telly programmes of interest (like wildlife and animal documentaries, Winter Watch, Spring Watch, Autumn Watch.) And, above all, LOVE IS THE ANSWER. I tell myself this, to LOVE AND TO BE LOVED, you have lived then!


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