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Anxiety Management Course -City Centre

There are still a few places left for our Anxiety Management course at PSS Umbrella Centre @ 111 Mount Pleasant

The course starts Wednesday 8th June 10-30am-12pm (7 weekly sessions) and is open to anyone who has already completed a wellbeing plan with the PSS Wellbeing Centres team and who hasn't recently attended the course.

This 7 week course helps us to better understand Anxiety and learn positive coping strategies, alongside the support of a group

Together we will explore:

  • The different ways anxiety affects people.

  • The physical symptoms of anxiety and look at what's going on in our bodies when we are anxious or stressed.

  • Understanding stress and the Fight, Flight and Freeze response.

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques.

  • Mindfulness practices.

  • Thinking patterns and challenging negative thoughts.

  • Distraction and coping strategies.

  • Rebuilding our confidence.

  • Goal setting, making positive changes and moving forward.

If you are interested in signing up or would like to know more please contact the team.

Telephone: 0151 708 0415


Click on the 'Contact us' page to leave us a message - we are online & on the phone Monday to Friday 9-5pm.

You never know, it might just be what you're looking for....


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