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Barn Transformation Project

Episode 2

Welcome back! Want to know what we've been up to?

Well - huge progress has been made on the pond, particularly considering our merry band of volunteers are only here once a week.

We've dug out different levels because different types of pond plants like to be at different depths. Soon we’ll be able to put the liner in – did you know you have to have underlay underneath the rubber liner just as you would with a carpet? This is to stop any chance of the liner being damaged any sharp twigs or stones.

And we also learned that if we’re to use tap water – which we’ll have to as there won’t be time to collect enough rain water – we’ll have to let it stand for a week to let any chemicals in the water evaporate. Otherwise we’d be knee deep in pond weed!

In other news – we have bees in a bird box! No really. They’re called tree bees and have buff coloured bums – we knew you’d want to know that.

And speaking of bird boxes we also have a family of bluetits and can hear them peeping away as we walk past. Aaaah.

And in the raised beds, we’ve been enjoying rocket and mini kale which we can cut then wait for it to grow again and then - guess what – cut it again!

Our potatoes have also popped their plant heads up only to have them covered in soil again – it’s ok, we’re supposed to do that. And what with the bumper crop of leeks we’re hoping to have, we’re looking forward to soup in the autumn...with a side salad of sweet tomatoes...if we havent eaten them all by then.

We can't believe how suddenly everything has shot up in the past week!

And as a well as growing veg we want to add some more colour so we had a jolly trip to B&Q land and came back with LOTS of lovely plants. We also met a very helpful member of staff, and once we explained we were from a community project he was able to offer us quite a lot of the plants at a discount - hoorah! This one's called nemesia, pronounced nemeesha - isn't it gorgeous.

We've also welcomed three new members to the volunteer team who immediately got stuck in to fixing planters, helping with the pond and tidying up ready for flower planting. It's so lovely to see people using the skills they have and learning new ones, all in the cause of making a beautiful space even better. And big thanks to Gail for also taking these fab photos.

Stay tuned for more news next month.

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