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Barn Transformation Project

'It's not easy being green.' - Kermit the Frog

Finally! After three months of waiting and watching our tadpoles slowly transform -

they're here - the froglets!

Great to see the latest edition to our pond ecosystem but we will now have to be very careful when mowing! Damsel and dragonflies have also been spotted but they've been too quick for the camera. And some lovely bloomings -

We've still got quite a lot of algae forming in the pond because the plants are still in the process of spreading so too much sunlight is getting in. But we've been given a great tip and now get rid of excess algae by winding it round a cane, with the added bonus that everyone who's tried it find it quite therapeutic.

We see a big variety of pollinators taking a drink at the pond like this striped hoverfly. But if you don't have a pond you can still offer insects a drink from a shallow bowl with some pebbles.

Unfortunately sometimes accidents happen - this bee is recovering from an unexpected dip after being rescued with a cane!

We're disappointed to report we've had a lot of munching going on in our vegetable beds! Two attempts at carrots and four courgette plants have bitten the dust! But we're about to try a new tip: cutting bramble branches into 12 inch canes and laying two or three on top of each other is said to create the kind of barrier that snugs and snails can't cross. Here's hoping!

Our first pea crop struggled to get anywhere too, perhaps because of the weather rather than pests as we have heard similar tales from others. But thanks to a kind donation from a volunteer, now we're been enjoying peas from the pod, which has taken a lot of us back to our childhoods.

Meanwhile we're blooming in other areas of the farm which the bees are pleased about -

- and so are we!

We're looking forward to doing some munching of our own! More news next month!

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31 août 2022

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