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Barn Transformation Project

Episode 4 Why being a volunteer is GREAT

Our Snugbug Bunkhouse gets a wildflower roof garden!

At the Wellbeing Centres we're all about wellbeing, no surprises there. And the barn project is giving our volunteers the opportunity to do all the things which can improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Want to know what they are? Here's a GREAT way to remember them:

Give - your time, skills and knowledge to a good cause

Relate - to other people by working on a project together

Exercise - by walking round the veg patch, potting up plants, digging a pond

Appreciate - what's around you like birdsong, butterflies and flowers

Try - have a go at something new like making a planter, planting seeds, growing veg

The examples here are particular to our project, but you get the general idea.

And it turns out all of this is very enjoyable. Here are three of our volunteers to tell you what they've been enjoying so far.

And look what they made! This planter will be raised up to make it easier for everyone to plant up through the seasons. And all it took was one volunteer wanting to share what she knows.

Meanwhile, we are being invaded by birds of the sculpted variety. Look at what Stevie can do with just chicken wire and grass!

Is this what people mean when they say life imitates art?

Here's one of Peter's pumpkin plants protected from hungry beasties!

Come October, we're looking forward to lantern making and pumpkin soup!

And we've already had a taste of what's to come below - yum!

Meanwhile back at the pond. We've had a tonne of sand delivered to put between the stony ground and the pond liner and had a trial run at fitting it with a cosy fleece. Well not so much to make it cosy, more to provide even more protection for the rubber liner.

And as well as shifting the sand, everyone pitched in to move the 750 kilogrammes of stones we had delivered to make the beach area. It's not for sun bathing though - unless you're a frog.

But it's not all go. We always make time just to sit and appeciate what nature's been up to.

A brimstone butterfly taking a look at our tomatoes.

We hope you're finding our project as inspiring as we do and we'll be back next month with our latest news and more thoughts from our volunteers.

Big thanks to Gail for all the photos. Superb.

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Aug 31, 2021



Aug 11, 2021

It is so very rewarding, learning new skills and using my own horticulture experience..


Dave W
Aug 04, 2021

Huge well done to everyone. The space is looking more wonderful each week


Jul 31, 2021

Lovely comments from you all.But i realise now that i wont be able to go to this great place.

And the umbrella centre, i enjoyed the mental health& meditation


Jul 31, 2021

Absolutely wonderful, every time I come to barn I see more of your fab work , big hugs to all you guys for creating such a beautiful haven

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