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Barn Transformation Project

“The only reason for being a bee that I know of is to make honey… And the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.” Winnie the Pooh

A bee visiting a cornflower with a friend

Much excitement this month - for the first time honey was extracted from the hives! The frames, where the bees make and store the honey, are put into a centrifuge (top right photo) and when the handle is turned, the frames are spun causing the honey to drop into the bottom so it can be drained off into jars.

And it tasted amazing!

And things which will taste amazing are growing well in and around the polytunnel including our first cucumber behind the yellow flower below.

Meanwhile back at the pond - not a great photo but the best we've got so far - of one of our tadpoles. Thankfully they didn't all get eaten by the visiting ducks and are finally making their way to being froglets! It takes about 14 weeks from tadpole to frog and we have seen a couple of fully fledged ones but many more like this one with legs or still yet to grow them.

And to come full circle, we're growing plenty of flowers to keep our bees happy in their honey making... we're hoping there'll be enough for us to share again next month!

Stay tuned!


Jul 30, 2022

well done everyone at the barn


Jun 28, 2022

Lovely sorry to miss iton the 21st had parking issues😂

Jun 28, 2022

Oh, wow, that’s awesome! Wonderful to see the results of all your hard work are coming to fruition. Well done, everyone!

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