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Beekeeping for Mental Health

Bee at one with nature...

This years theme for Mental Health Awareness week focuses' on the connection between nature and wellbeing so Liverpool City Councils' film crew dropped by at Dutch Barn and caught up with the Beekeeping group to find out how they cultivate wellbeing in the outdoors.

Peter and the gang braved the film crew to share their experiences from Dutch Barn and taking on the role of 'Guardians of the Bees'. Give it a watch and why not share your own nature and wellbeing tips/reflections in the comments box below?!

If you're looking for more ideas then why not check out these great resources from The Mental Health Foundation :

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Aug 03, 2021

Bit slow on the uptake and have only just seen this - great video - well done everybody!


Nikki G
May 21, 2021

Amazing work everyone :)

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