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Callout - We want to know what helps your anxiety

Anxiety is a very natural - and very human - response when we feel under threat.

However, when anxiety is in full force it can leave us feeling anything but normal.

From feeling restless, to being completely overwhelmed, anxiety can have us feeling absolutely exhausted. At its worse, it can even have an impact on how we live day to day life, with many of us choosing to avoid situations that could trigger our anxiety.

Do you have anxiety? If so, we would like to hear from you.

We would like to know how anxiety makes you feel. How it affects you on a daily basis and, furthermore, we would like to know your own personal advice, techniques and tips to manage anxiety.

For example, do you find meditation calms your mind? Perhaps you feel better after seeing a friend or getting out and about for the day? Maybe you find your anxiety eases after a good nights sleep?

Let us know what soothes you and we will feature it (with the choice of your identity being completely protected!) in our next article on Upbeat.

Send your experience and advice to :

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