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Cultural Highlights- March

Spring is a time for new beginnings- so why not learn about something new this March?

Friday 8th March is International Women's Day, and Corinne has picked out the best online talks about women through history.

Learn about women in the Roman Empire, WW2 or International Women's Day itself!

Did you know that there is an international day of the forest in March? Check out Julian Hight's history of Britain's ancient forest!

Maybe you're more of an art enthusiast- there are talks on WW2 stained glass windows, art from Africa and beyond, Islamic Architecture and jewellery in art history.

Corinne explains more below!

Thursday 7 March at 5.30pm Rosemary Rutherford War Artist

Rosemary Rutherford (1912-1972) was a prolific artist who spent much of her life in Essex. Rosemary became a war artist, depicting the Second World War at home and abroad, and later a renowned designer of stained glass windows. Catherine Pearson will explore her life and work and introduce the Rutherford Project at Broomfield Church.

Thursday 7 March at 8.30pm Sacred Arts of Africa and Beyond

Join Fowler senior curator of Latin American and Caribbean popular arts, Patrick A. Polk, as he highlights key works in the exhibition The House Was Too Small: Yoruba Sacred Arts of Africa and Beyond.

Friday 8 March at 7.00pm Women in History

Women are "all but absent from history." Yet of course, women have always been part of history. From Vestal Virgins to business owners, on the front lines of the empire and in its palaces, women were as much a part of Roman society as men. Presented in celebration of International Women’s Day, Roman historian Emma Southon explores the lesser-known stories of a few women from a vast empire. Each story presents a unique perspective, revealing changes in women’s lives across time and class lines.

Monday 11 March at 7.15pm International Women’s Day History

International Women’s Day has its roots in the workers movement more than 160 years ago. Originally known as International Working Women’s Day it was, in the words of the German socialist feminist, Clara Zetkin, a day “women the world over set aside… each year to remember women and their struggles.”

Tuesday 12 March at 5.30pm Experiences of Women in the Second World War

The experiences of women museum curators during the Second World War: The changes that resulted to staffing in UK museums as a result of the Second World War can be seen as a reflection of broader wartime debates regarding the role of working women, the structure of the working environment, the bias towards male employees and the instances of pay and personal discrimination that affected both men and women.

Sunday 17 March at 6.00pm Powerful and Courageous Women

Discover the top audience favourites from Professor Lear's talk series exploring powerful and creative women who stood out in history.

Wednesday 20 March at 6.30pm Islamic Architecture

Islamic Architecture is a generic term to express both the architecture of countries where the Main religion is (or was) Islam, but also buildings done for Islamic communities across the world. Originated in the Arabian Peninsula, it went beyond the limits to what we now know as Middle East and historically expanded through Europe, Africa and Asia.

Wednesday 20 March at 7.00pm Historic Ancient Trees

Julian Hight has travelled widely, camera in hand, to document and tell the stories of historic ancient trees. Throughout this beautifully illustrated talk, Julian will explore the story of Britain’s ancient forest told through its remaining ancient trees and surviving customs – living links to our rich history – accompanied by specially written forest music and archive photography.

Friday 22 March at 1.00pm Jane Boleyn

Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford, wife of George Boleyn, sister-in-law to Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn and lady-in-waiting has been vilified by history. Her role in the executions of George and Anne formed her status. Does Jane deserve this reputation? If Jane brought about the downfall of George and Anne, why did she do so?

We will be discussing and considering the evidence available of Jane Boleyn and consider whether history has dealt her an injustice.

Tuesday 26 March at 7.00pm Jewellery in Art History

The talk will detail the representation of jewellery within different artworks and then the more profound meaning and symbolism of the pieces of jewellery used. Alexandra Robson will lead the discussion; however, there will be opportunities to ask questions and pick her brain, simply type your questions into the zoom chat.

This is a talk you don't want to miss! Alexandra is an expert in both History and Gemology, you're certain to leave this talk feeling enlightened and educated!

Thanks for listening and see you all next month


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