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Culture Vultures 1.10.20

"Happy October everybody!

And today is world vegetarian day as well as National coffee day! Why not celebrate both?!

On 1st October 959 - Edgar the Peaceful, became the King of all England ...

If you could have a royal name what would it be? Head over to the forum "Brolly Cafe" to share your answers and see what others have come up with.....


Romeo and Juliet from the Globe theatre

A live recording of the 2004 production of Jane Eyre part one from the Oddsocks theatre You can watch part two after if you like this one

Two short films to watch this Friday at 5.00 pm from LCR Pride Foundation. Exploring Cultural identity.


A short documentary featuring three British Somali girls who gained places at Cambridge, with their views on wearing the Hijab, culture shock, parents etc.

A fab interview with the famous Singh Twins with their perspective on the future and the past of cultural identity. If you watched Grayson Perry’s art club you would have seen their fantastic art.

A great idea called Jo Burke’s podcasts, inspiring people who you’ve probably never heard of talk about their lives guests include actors, adventures, comedians, artists, singers, foster careers and many more. Where would we be without stories, sharing, listening and learning about our experiences is the essence of being a human

Art U.K. Femininity Weaponised. A history of women and swords in art.


The Medievalist with a podcast on Medieval inventions

The Medievalist. A further podcast on When were the Middle Ages

Local history. By Ken PYE

The Dickie Lewis story - The great bronze nude

If you like this there is more local history you can click on and read after


Bloody Scotland on line, the entire festival recorded to watch on you tube

World fete live two on 3 October, register with Eventbrite to join in with this free world music festival

City Lit has a mental wealth festival On line 5 to 10 October. Panel discussions, some performances including one on mental health, in spoken English and Sign language, podcasts plus some workshops. Festival In conjunction with the National Museum, Mad World, RAD And many other organisations.

Best wishes and see you next week!


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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2020

Love your blog Corinne, you put so much into it

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