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Culture Vultures 22.07.21

On July 22nd 1844 the Rev. William Archibald Spooner was born. He became famous as the man who could never say the right thing about anyone or anything – because he was always getting his words mixed up. For example, he described the Heavenly Father as “a loving shepherd” – or, at least, he tried to. It came out as “the Lord is a shoving leopard!” And he once asked: “Is it kisstomary to cuss the bride?

So the question for the chat is : Do you know any Spoonerism’s perhaps quoted by you or someone you know ?

If you are an upbeat member and want to share your answer then head over to the chat-forum page and get involved!

This weeks Culture Vulture suggestions :

Grass Roots Journey

22nd July 7.00 to 8.00pm

Join us for this lively and informative discussion about the history of Ancient Africa, the cradle of civilisation, known as 'the African Golden Age'. Be guided through this period in Africa's history that many historians have and continue to attempt to erase. We will revisit the stories of great kingdoms, their achievements and traditions of it's people. Discuss and spotlight the expanse and impact of the real Afrika.

Indulge in your passion for pink and penchant for prints

23rd July 8.00 to 9.00pm

Susan Brown Milbank recounts the fascinating life and work of Suzie Zuzek. While her name may not be readily familiar, fashion followers know her as the colourful , creative vision for Lilly Pulitzer. The brightly coloured, playful Suzie Zuzek prints of Lilly Pulitzer’s clothing were a staple of American fashion in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s—worn by members of society, actresses, models, and stylish men and women all over the world. Brown will discuss Zuzek’s body of colourful work and provide context about its origins and the purely American look it came to represent.

From the museums and galleries Edinburgh

Saturday 24th July, 10.30am

An adult creative workshop. We are often drawn to the sea and harbours, places where people gather to work or gain peace from being beside the sea. In this experimental day of collage and drawing we will explore these places inspired by our exhibition of works by Donald Smith whose pictures of Lewis are full of the life found around harbours and the beach. Building up layers of paper, painted and drawn elements we will mirror the textures of seaside life. No need to book just follow link :

Revisit old favourites and experience new surprises as you are guided by an expert McMichael Docent.

July 25th 5.30pm

This new interactive experience provides visitors with the opportunity to examine images of artworks up close while remaining responsibly distanced in their own homes. Each 60-minute virtual tour will be limited to 20 participants per session to allow for questions and discussion, so please register to ensure your spot.

Join a lively conversation with Andy Warhol’s biographer Blake Gopnik and others, as they discuss this 20th Century icon.

Tuesday 27 July 6.00 to 7.00 pm

Spanning all four decades of the artist’s career, the blockbuster Andy Warhol was exhibited at the Tate in early 2020. The personal, social and political backdrop that influenced Warhol’s groundbreaking art. Warhol’s vast body of work both reflected and fueled the intense cultural transformations that occurred across the globe in the second half of the twentieth century.

Want to know more about the stars have a look at this fascinating site.

100,000 stars allows you to explore the universe and learn about the stars. You get to navigate your own way around the galaxy and zoom in on stars of interest (including the sun) when you want to find out more. If you don’t fancy guiding your own way around or you don’t know where to start, you can also choose to take an existing tour. You might also like to have a read of our article An introduction to stargazing to find out more.

Medieval killer rabbits: When bunnies strike back

Vengeful, merciless and brutally violent... yes that’s right, we’re talking about medieval bunnies. Rabbits can often be found innocently frolicking in the decorated borders of medieval manuscripts, but sometimes, for reasons unknown, these adorable fluffy creatures turn into stone-cold killers. These darkly humorous images of medieval killer bunnies still strike a chord with modern viewers, always proving a hit on social media.;_

Ready for a challenge have a go at an online Rubix cube

If you’ve always wanted to try a Rubix cube, then now you can – online! You can still rotate it, shuffle it and realign it like you would with the 3D version. If you complete it once, then why not do it again and see if you can beat your previous time?

From the friends of Williamson’s tunnels here is the story of the man himself from his birth on 10 March 1769 to his death at the age of 71.

Music of the Caribbean an insight into the influences and traditions that have shaped the islands culture.

Many thanks for listening best wishes to all and see you next week


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