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Culture Vultures 3.12.20

Hello everyone,

The 3rd December is National Disability Awareness Day!

The annual disability awareness day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Here's a quote I think sums up the message well:

“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more”

(Robert Hansel)

What do you think? Comment's welcome in the box below...

And for the chat question this week:

December 4 is Santa’s list day, so if you could have one present from Santa, if you’ve been good of course, what would it be?

Head over to the chat page to share your ideas!

If you need a hand signing up as a member just ask the PSS Wellbeing Centre's team. Please note that upbeat membership is currently only open to people registered with PSS Wellbeing Centre's :

This weeks Culture Vulture suggestions:

Short and Sweet

A free collection of short Christmas plays by the Southside players Theatre company.

Short and Sweet is an annual play festival celebrating the writing and acting talents of the members of the Southside Theatre Company. To watch a collection of newly written plays some with a Christmassy feel book via Eventbrite on the link below:

It’s A WONDERFUL LIFE MUSEUM virtual road trip

Giving you an even more Christmassy feeling . Book free via Eventbrite, 7th December 3pm to 4pm:

Local news from the famous Scotty Press

Here’s one of the articles about the barge people at the end you can sign up for free for their newsletter to hear more about the area:

Potatoes, plum pudding and peacock eating

The National Archives are showing a free presentation on the 4 December at 2.00 pm. The Victorians are well known for the reinvention of Christmas, moving it from an unfashionably drunken knees-up to a (sometimes) more sedate family celebration. But while we can give the era a grateful nod for the Christmas tree, carols and crackers, let’s be honest - it’s really all about the food! Click the link below to book a place. (If you miss this one there is a further date on 9th December at 5.00 pm) :

The British museum events on line: Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan yoga is a hidden treasure of the Tantric Buddhist tradition. In addition to meditations, visualisations and practices for the breath and body, it includes elements rather less familiar to yoga initiated in the West, including dream yoga or lucid dreaming:

E Codices - Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

The goal of e-codices is to provide free access to all medieval and a selection of modern manuscripts of Switzerland by means of a virtual library.

At the moment, the virtual library contains 2480 manuscripts from 97 different collections. The virtual library will be continuously updated and extended:

The Churches Conversation Trust

A free talk called marginalia images on the edge by professor Paul Binski.

Medieval England was famous for its marginal art, bizarre, funny and playful images that crowd the borders of illuminated manuscripts and peek out at us in parish churches. But why - did they have deeper meanings? Or were they there to simply amuse? :

Royal Academy Learn

The story behind Anne Desmet RA’s engraving, which commemorates the centenary year of the Society of Wood Engravers and features in this year’s Summer Exhibition:

Jeremy Paxman on Rembrandt

A short video from the National Gallery:

A History of Cats at The Met

If your a cat lover this is fab, its a short film about cats from the Met museum New York. From ancient Chinese sculpture to the modern Broadway stage, cats have long been a source of inspiration for artists. This unusual film shows famous depictions of cats from the Museum's collection with their contemporary counterparts. Curators and staff muse on our feline friends' legendary stubbornness curiosity, their endless capacity for mischief:

Shadow art from Indonesia a short film also from the Met Museum. A wonderful cultural experience. A captivating documentary about the rituals, myths, and traditions of Indonesia. Written and directed by Andrea Simon, this beautiful film incorporates Old Javanese poetry, sculpture and music alongside performances by traditional artists and healers. Features exceptional footage of Borobudur, a Buddhist temple from the ninth century, and Prambanan, an important Hindu temple:

Boarder Crossings Origins Festival

Travel the Polar Region with indigenous Arctic artists at this special online event presented by Boarder Crossings Origins Festival in partnership with the British Museum on 3rd December at 6.30. Book via link:

Thanks for listening & if you do take part in any of the Culture Vulture recommendations then why not leave your review in the comments box below?

Best wishes ,Corinne

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Dec 07, 2020

Glad Disability Awareness was mentioned.


Dec 05, 2020

Sp easy to like cat,s Dave just by looking at the many video,s of them how clever and crafty there are. Give it a go Dave,ha ha .


Dec 05, 2020

Thank you Corinne.


Dec 05, 2020

Thanks Gill really appreciate your comments and look forward to see your drawings of cats as well 💕


Dec 05, 2020

Hi Corinne realy fab great things on. love the victorian cooking , medevil churches .Med Cat,s was fab omg that black and white cat had it going on how crafty. Gives me an idea Corinne going to do save this and do some cat drawings. Love Laurel& Hardy .Meow Meow for now see you soon.

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