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Culture Vultures - September events, out 'n' about & online.

Hello everyone,

Have you have seen the post for our National Heritage weekend trips?

Culture Vultures are planning to meet up at various free Merseyside events throughout September - if you'd like to come along please sign up with PSS Wellbeing Centres. (Please note these places are limited and open to PSS members only).

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

And just incase you've missed the original post, I've put together a short Vlog to tell you more...

September Vlog

This months Culture Vultures online covers events from heritage to creativity, nature and relaxation. Enjoy!

Winchester College

10th September at 10.00 am to Sunday 19th September at 11.00 pm

Winchester College is home to nationally significant collections of art, archaeology and rare books. The misericords of Winchester College Chapel are amongst the finest woodcarvings to survive from medieval England. Nick Townson, a history teacher at the school, uncovers their hidden meanings, explaining the significance of mermaids, shepherds and pelicans.

Place Names

13th September 2.00 to 3.00 pm 

Place names were used to rapidly and succinctly inform language-users about places: what kind of place it was (e.g. a town, cliff, or forest), and what characterised that place (e.g. who owned it, what lived there, or what it looked like). One of the most common motivators for naming places – especially smaller ones – was their usefulness for inhabitants of the area.

Pen to Print

14th September at 7.00 pm

We’ve teamed up with Pen to Print to bring you the inimitable Lemn Sissay as he reads from and discusses his acclaimed bestselling memoir, My Name is Why, as part of ReadFest, Barking and Dagenham’s annual Literary Festival. A story of neglect and determination, misfortune and hope, cruelty and triumph, the book reflects on Sissay’s childhood in care, his way into self-expression and his relationship with Britishness. In doing so, he explores the care system, race, family and the meaning of home. Infused with all the lyricism and power you would expect from one of the nation’s best-loved poets, this moving, frank and timely event is the result of a life spent asking questions, and a celebration of the redemptive power of creativity.

The life and art of the important and pioneering German Renaissance artist, Albrecht Dürer

16th September 4.00 to 5.00pm

Enjoy another chance to hear Imogen Tedbury discuss the life and art of the important and pioneering German Renaissance artist, Albrecht Dürer. Through paintings, drawings, prints, and letters, the exhibition follows Dürer’s travels across Europe, bringing to life the artist himself, and the people and places he visited.

From the Royal Albert Hall - Alexis Ffrench is one of the UK’s most distinctive and groundbreaking artists.

His most recent album Dreamland just topped the classical charts, and his pieces have been streamed more than 250 million times. Alexis, who performed as Katherine Jenkins’ special guest at the Royal Albert Hall in December, has soundtracked campaigns for Issey Miyake and Hugo Boss, worked with Paloma Faith, and even invented his own genre, ‘classical soul’.

Bob Marley's LEGACY

From the Museum of London Bob Marley Bob Marley's LEGACY is a set of documentaries created by Universal Music Enterprises, Island Records and Tuff. Dating back from the mid-'70s to this present day, from to legacy 75 years a legend, Women rising to 'Punky Reggae Party' explores how Bob's music and ethos captured the Zeitgeist, detailing his signing to Chris Blackwell's Island Records, and the welcomed arrival of his sound and the impact he had in the United Kingdom, especially the London-born children of the Windrush generation.

In addition to this a statue of Bob Marley has been commissioned by the Positive Vibrations festival here in Liverpool and is to be unveiled on 9th September in Jamaica Street.

The story of coffee from its origins to the place in our lives today.

Enjoy a cup while you watch this short video:


If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, or use time at home to become more creative, then drawing can be a great place to start. Drawing has many benefits: it improves creativity and memory, relieves stress and boosts mood, and is a great way to disconnect and focus on the task in hand. Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t drawn for decades and your skills are rusty, because anyone can improve, and often much faster than you think.

The great diary project

Diaries are among our most precious items of heritage. People in all walks of life have confided and often still confide their thoughts and experiences to the written page, and the result is a unique record of what happens to an individual over months, or even years, as seen through their eyes. No other kind of document offers such a wealth of information about daily life and the ups and downs of human existence. The Project’s idea is to collect as many diaries as possible from now on for long-term preservation. In the future these diaries will be a precious indication of what life, in our own time, was really like.

Anddddd relax...

A lovely relaxing short video about wildlife, bees and flowers for a five minute break

See you all next month and thanks for listening!


Culture Vultures Team

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Sep 20, 2021

😀Thank you Bev always like your comments also


Sep 18, 2021

Lovely Corinne great things on here for all😀


Sep 17, 2021

Great choice once again from Corinne, always on the lookout for good things that appeal to people .

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