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Dealing with Grief

Grief can feel like being stranded out at sea, where the shore is nowhere in sight.

Every day you may feel like you’re struggling to keep your head above water.

One moment you might feel like you’re finally afloat and then the next you feel another wave of sadness dragging you under.

Yes, the process of grief is very temperamental and very tiring, it will have us stressed, depressed and believing that there is no end in sight.

Your Grief is Valid

We tend to associate grief with the loss of a loved one, however grief can cover many different things. We may feel grief over a loss of a relationship, a job, a home or a friendship.

We can grieve over the past and we can grieve over what could have been.

The ending of anything will usually bring with it intense feelings of sorrow and sadness. Feelings that can be very uncomfortable to sit with.

However, embracing, exploring and expressing these emotions is an important part of your healing process.

Talk About How You Feel

When grief rears its head our most natural human response is to block it out. We may rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol or denial to avoid confronting how we truly feel.

How many of us bottle our emotions up in fear of burdening others? So many of us are very ready to help others but feel guilty when it comes to receiving support ourselves.

These methods do not do much to protect us, instead it can do the exact opposite.

For grief must be allowed to express itself and for that to happen you must give yourself permission to mourn. Talking can be a truly therapeutic first step, so seeking out caring relatives or friends can provide you with that safe, nurturing environment to speak from the heart.

In some circumstances your support network may be eager to help, but unsure how. Be prepared to tell them what you need, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear or some advice.

Alternatively - or additionally - you may feel like you need professional support. Many have benefitted from counselling and / or therapy to come to terms with their grief. Please see below this article for organisations and support lines you may find useful.

Find Your Outlet

It can be so very hard to find the words to express your feelings, so creativity can be a great way to channel your emotions. There is real therapy that can be found in the arts, so exploring what feels healing to you can be very helpful when trying to navigate through grief.

Whether it’s writing, music, or picking up your paintbrush – seek solace in a medium that feel natural and right to you.

Perhaps you might find nature nurturing, doing a bit of gentle gardening or walks can help calm the mind from ongoing rumination. Meditation and mindfulness are also both very supportive practices when trying to find inner peace.

Remember, that your healing comes first and foremost. Never apply any pressure or expectations when it comes to your chosen activity. What matters is the healing value and the emotional relief it provides in that given moment.

Here at PSS Wellbeing Centres we have a range of therapeutic activities and courses with your wellbeing in mind. From a Green Walking Group to Culture Vulture trips be sure to browse our website here at Upbeat and see what appeals to you.

Change the way you view Grief

Grief is unpleasant. Grief is so, so painful. Grief can weigh us down and impact our day to day lives.

However, grief is essential, it allows us the process what has happened and provides a passage to our own recovery.

A good way to visualise grief is something which may not shrink entirely, but it is something we can grow around. We can grow from grief, we can learn from grief, and grief can help us take those first vital steps towards healing.

Grief Support Services

Cruse Bereavement Support

0808 808 1677

Compass Counselling Services

0151 237 3993

Liverpool Bereavement Services

0151 236 3932

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