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Dice & Drama!

Join us for a fun activity over Zoom!

Make choices, roll dice and create stories as a group.

Set in a medieval sword and sorcery world, using the Dungeons and Dragons game, you create a character then make choices for that character.

Only two simple rules: the dice decide the outcome of your choices. Low rolls are bad. High rolls are good.

And by the way - you'll be given your own set of dice!

Here's an example of how Dice & Drama works.

GM : You're in a dark corridor. Ahead is a closed door. Light and shadows can be seen beneath the doorgap. What do you do ?

Tracy : I'll creep up to the door and listen.

Dave : I'll ready my crossbow.

GM : Tracy you hear muffled voices. What do you do next ?

Tracy : I will try creep into the room unnoticed.

GM: Give me a stealth check.

Tracy : I rolled 20.

GM : you succeed. You quickly and quietly enter the room and see some barrels to hide behind.

Dave : I am going to follow Tracy and duck behind the barrels.

GM : roll a stealth check.

Dave : I rolled 1.

GM : Oops ! That roll fails. As you push open the door it makes a loud scraping noise. The two figures stand and turn towards you. One is a huge man, the other a stout dwarf. What do you do ?

Dave : I fire my crossbow at the big guy .....

The drama is on!


This game is usually played round a table like this -

- but we think we can have just as much fun over Zoom!

Have fun and feel the benefits of shared experience, imagination & creativity.

To sign up or find out more please use the "contact us" page.

Pre-Christmas sessions: Friday 4th, 11th & 18th 3.30-5.30pm

Only five places available!

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