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Everyday Mindfulness - Light

Expand your awareness of light, especially in these sunnier and longer days – in all its forms, bright, dim, direct and reflected. We can notice that light changes all the time through the day – early morning and late afternoon.

  • We take light for granted now but before electricity, light would have been more precious – even sacred. It is only when light is taken away that we really notice how important it is.

  • We could practice grateful attention when a light switch is thrown or a timer switches on the light (or we ask Alexa to switch them on for us!). We realise the miracle of energy that provides the light for us.

  • Light enables us to see when darkness falls – lights at home, on roads, in cars or buses. It enables us to carry on doing things that we love to do – and reminds us that in the past this wouldn’t have been possible in the same way.

  • Light affects our emotions. Different lights bring different moods. Some people become depressed as the light fades as autumn and winter approaches. Light can be therapeutic. What colour light soothes you?

  • When we soak in the light we remind ourselves that life depends on it. But also its dangers

  • We notice how the colours have different properties of light. We notice how light shines and reflects on objects.

Light is everywhere. Light moves and finds pathways through the tiniest of cracks. It also makes us aware of shadows and the darkness.

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