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Everyday Mindfulness - Water

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Exercise:

Open awareness to water in all its forms – inside and outside of the body. Become aware of liquidity in foods, drinks and the environment.

  • By doing this exercise we recognise water is everywhere and appreciate its importance. It is inside of us – saliva, tears, blood, gastric juices, and the joints. We are 70% water and without it we would be a small pile of dry cells and salts.

  • We take in water all day long. We find it in tea, in fruit, in salad greens and soups.

  • We see it outside in puddles, damp soil, dew, windshield fluid. It runs beneath us in the sewers, water pipes and underground reservoirs.

  • Water is miraculous. It is transparent but takes on colours. It is an invisible gas (water vapour) we breathe in and out without noticing. We drink it with gratitude.

We often don’t pay attention to water unless there’s a problem with it – the water is shut off, a toilet overflows, a road is flooded, or there's a drought. In some countries they don’t have clean and sanitary water supplies for washing and cleaning. It is a gift that we do have it.

Can we appreciate this stunning life-sustaining gift give by the earth and sky? Can we notice when we waste water by throwing it away and if it could be used to nourish plants?

We enjoy sitting by a river or stream watching the water flow and always in movement; always different.

Can we watch the flow of life with the same calmness; always changing.

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