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Tuesdays: Fitness & Mobility for Wellbeing , join us on Zoom

We are teaming up with Sohealthco to deliver a new zoom group for "Fitness & Mobility".

Saeed and Emma from Sohealthco are offering a gentle movement class from the comfort of your own home (via the connection of zoom)

Each week the guys will guide us through an exercise program with a strong focus on feeling fitter, more energized, getting into our joints and cultivating happy moods!

Session type: Mobility for healthy joints, felling fitter and energized (light activity)

Start date & time: Tuesday 6th October 2020 / 1pm-1.45pm

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Session duration: 45mins

Platform: Zoom

Delivered by : Emma & Saeed @ Sohealthco

"I believe strongly that happiness and success is intrinsically linked to our wellbeing, this along with my passion to support people to be happy and healthier where they live, learn and work is the reason I started SO Health LTD" (Saeed /

Upbeat Liverpool Zoom sessions are open to people currently part of PSS Wellbeing Centers. If you'd like to sign up please speak to one of the team or let us know via the "contact us "link.

As part of our activity programs we ask that anyone interested in taking part should look over and agree (via email or verbally) with the points in this disclaimer :

Risk Assessment Disclaimers (ZOOM -Fitne
Download • 28KB

We look forward to getting moving with you , gently of course :)

4 comentarios

09 oct 2020

After looking at the disclaimer its inposslble for me because of mobility issues

Me gusta

05 oct 2020

Hope you are doing well Bev

Me gusta

05 oct 2020

Can send me the link for the tuesday wellbeing please

Me gusta

24 sept 2020

I've just taken part this week on the University of Liverpool, Alcohol research that was and still is advertised on our blog. It was good for me to get out by answering truthfully the researchers questions and share some of my mental health diagnoses/wellbeing with Jo-Ann. Im hoping it helps other people now, and in the future this research programme. 😊👍🏼

Me gusta
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