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Food for Mood and Top Tips for Health

Hello! Each week I'll be focusing on a particular food and sharing some top tips. Please send in any ideas for foods you'd like me to talk about and/or recipes you think are good for health to:

Food Focus: Apples

Apples contain:

Carbohydrates – Needed for energy

Vitamin C - Helps promote a healthy immune system and is required to help make collagen, which holds cells together. It is also required for making chemical messengers in the brain.

Fibre – Helps to keep the intestines bowels in good working order!

Potassium - Aids in nervous system and muscle function. Also helps maintain a healthy balance of water in the blood and body tissues.

Vitamin K - Helps clot blood and maintains bone health.

You’ll find more facts about apples here:

This week’s Top Tip: Routines and why they’re good for us

Routines can ground us by acting as an anchor. For example, no matter what happens I’m having something to eat at 6pm.

They’re good for our physical health. Organs work better when we eat and sleep at the same or similar times each day.

Having a routine helps with healthy habits – eg getting into the habit having a piece of fruit or a bowl of porridge in the morning cam be part of our daily routine.

This includes sleep. Getting to sleep is easier when our bodies become used to a routine of the same going to bed and getting up time.

Daily routines can reduce stress – when we have certain things we do each day there are less decisions to be made.

Quote of the week

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” Michael Pollan – food writer

Have a good week!

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