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Healthiness Ltd Classes coming to PSS!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Healthiness Ltd is a non-profit organisation established in 2011. Their beginner taster classes will be delivered by Andy and Emma across all PSS Liverpool Wellbeing Centres.

The Healthiness team have qualifications in the following:

· Exercise for Older Adults

· Exercise Referrals

· Disability and Exercise

· Exercise and Mental Health

· Diabetes and Obesity

· Chair Fitness

· Dementia Care

· Postural Stability for Falls and Fracture Management (PSI)

· Exercise to Music

· Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation

· Neurological Conditions and Exercise

· Exercise and Arthritis

· Advanced Nutrition and Exercise

· Escape-pain Programme Facilitation (Hips, Knees & Backs)

· Back Care & Exercise

· Practical Pilates

· Walk and Cycle Leading

As you can see they can do pretty much anything related to physical activity, so they will be delivering taster sessions of different types of exercise. This is so they can customise sessions to your needs and goals, and give you an opportunity to find an activity that you love. Their classes range from Chair Based exercise, Functional Fitness to Toning, Dance, Bootcamp and Active Bingo!

Their classes will be low impact, tailored for you and most of all fun!

You can even have a go of their at home workouts here:

Why exercise?

If you have little to no experience with exercise or you have been out of the habit for a while, consider this; exercising improves…

· Self esteem

· Mood

· Sleep quality

· Energy levels

· Confidence

· Keeping a clear head

Plus did you know that you can exercise safely with COPD, asthma, cancer, diabetes or back pain?

Exercise can also reduce your risk of dementia by 40%.

These classes will also be an opportunity to socialise and blow off some steam. It might feel intimidating to start, but with PSS you’re in good hands!

Healthiness Ltd. Exercise Taster sessions will be starting 19th September

Mondays at the Barn 4-5 and Thursday at the Avenue 3.30-4.30

If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to chat about the classes -

call Sylvie on 07708835437

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