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Hope and New Beginnings

Elsa shares with us the festival of 'Imbolic' and how it encourages hope and positivity for the coming year. We hope her words will inspire you to take a mindful walk in your local park to notice all the natural signs of spring coming and share in the hope of new beginnings.

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Dave W
Feb 03, 2022

Thanks for this article Elsa, Really interesting and never heard the term before. It is lovely noticing the change in the seasons and how nature gets ready. To see the daffodils starting to appear, the trees getting buds again and the lighter nights arriving lifts the spirit. Hope this encourages people to get out there this weekend 🙂

Feb 08, 2022
Replying to

My pleasure Dave, Spring is just around the corner. Hoping for better times ahead. 🌷💐🪴

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