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Ian's Art

Hi every one, and welcome to Stage Five.


I 've decided for stage five just to concentrate on the railings as these have been much hard work. I started off by drawing these in with pencil and ruler and there was plenty of rubbing out and much cursing - lol. Once I got the railing drawn in and I was happy I then went over them with a black ball point pen and a ruler to help me paint them in later. This painting in went better then I expected, in fact I enjoyed doing this bit but with the addition of the railing the painting looks much more improved now though. I haven't quite finished with the railings yet but the feeling is I am getting nearer a finish now these are in with much relief indeed....but I must say I'm happy with the progress being made.

Will see you all for stage six soon and I hope it 'll be much nearer a finished painting.

Take care,


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