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Ian's Art Exhibition - Week 1

Ian is our resident artist and you have probably seen his pictures hanging up in the Umbrella. Ian has agreed to show and explain some of his portfolio over the next few weeks

Winters Day.

Starting with a “Winters Day” painted in 2005 over several weeks. This was the first art I did in some time and thanks to Nicky I used a canvas for the first time. It came from a photo that I still have although it looks nothing like the photo (have included). This one is acrylics and not really a painting that is a favourite with me as I couldn’t get used to working on the canvas after previously painting on card. I remember someone saying there was something Tim Burton-ish with this painting. I look at it this way now. I wrote a poem about it once – something along the lines of ‘walking through the darkened trees towards a golden horizon’. It still feels odd as a painting because of using canvas and I would change everything about it. I have since done another picture of the photo and I like it much more. It’s currently at the Umbrella centre

Ribble Head Viaduct .

The second canvas I did after a “Winters Day” around the Christmas of 2005 and it took me a few weeks. I was getting used to using canvas. The inspiration here was a photograph of the sunset and the train and viaduct being silhouetted by the sun. The pictures show the bold colours bring out the silhouette but I also really like the picture in sepia. For me it was a big improvement on a ‘Winters day’ and I like it. I would perhaps change the effects in the picture. I also acrylics used here. I left this picture somewhere and never tried to retrieve it.

“Victoria Drive”

This painting was also done after a long break but was so enjoyable to do. I always remember taking the photo in January 2013 on a late afternoon (around 5.30pm) and so I was inspired from there to do the canvas the following year.  So much work went into this painting, over several months but there is a nice effect and feel to this – it feels so peaceful. I also used acrylics here. I enjoyed painting it because I hadn’t painted for a while. It felt good, turned out well and I wouldn’t change anything. It’s now sold.

Ferry Across The Mersey.

I seem to remember grafting on this canvas over  quite a few weeks, especially doing the water but it wasn’t in vane as this canvas went on to be exhibited at Rennies arts in Bold Street. The water was done by painting with a brush and then using a rag to create the water effect, over many many layers. I also like the way the ferry turned out and I did work on the sky to lighten it up, but would change the Liverpool background if I was revisiting it. It actually came from a Calendar of Liverpool landmarks. It is using acrylics and the painting is in colour but I especially like this in the Sepia effect. It was sold to someone who works for PSS I seem to recall.

See you again next week with more art. Ian

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