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Ian's Art. Mona

Hello every one, and welcome to another stage for Mona.

Coaches - Before painting in the windows I needed to check these would go in ok so I did a tracing of the coaches and sketched the Windows in. Once happy I painted in the 43 windows on the coaches....what fun (lol) but they are basically in now and will be worked on some more again. Then I painted in the chassis in weathered grey below the coach bodies; also the running boards these are now painted in a weathered grey on the side of the chassis.

Station - The awning above where the lorry is this is more a brick red the roof which is now painted in. Also behind the lorry there is a double door this now is added in a green colour; also either side of the lorry is two green posts with an ornate metal design in between. These are now drawn and painted in basically and 'll be worked on again at some point.

Harbour road - This I painted in a grey colour near the tracks but I realised the angle wasn't quite right perspective wise....same problem I had with the tracks a couple of months ago but this is coming too.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments and likes with Mona Stage 8.

See you all soon for stage 10.

Bye for now & take care,


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