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Ian's Art. Mona

Hi, hoping you are all well and welcome to another Mona art stage.

Lining the loco - I've not got the white lining on the cab coal bunker side as this has been going wrong and needs attention. Once in, I can add the black lining but the rear cab, cab side, water side tank. These are in and just the cylinder needs attention the linings though 'll be worked on some more.

Rear buffer beam and running plate, cab side weather sheet - Where I've gone over in grey primer this is where some work needs doing to sort this area out also the weather sheet on the cab side I've done a bit more to this and weathered it also the cab and coal bunker edge needed a little work.

Adding the No.5 to the cab rear - Now the linings are more or less in I thought it was time to add the No.5! Here goes...a fine brush again for this and a little patience. The most problem I had was with the 5 but basically the No.5 is on the cab rear now and I'll give this more attention soon.

A new home for the canvas - Hopefully I'll be going to the Isle of Man in September and taking the canvas to its new home at Douglas station. It 'll be on permanent exhib in the booking hall, restaurant or shop area. My other canvas Fenella, is on exhib at Castletown station on the railway as well so 'll be nice having two on the railway.

My thoughts about the canvas at this stage - The linings are quite time consuming and I have felt these have nearly messed up the canvas so a little bit of patience and care been needed here to get them more satisfactory...makes you appreciate though how they did these on the real engines by free hand and there were 16 of these engines but well worth the effort. I must say it is just over a year I've been on the canvas now and my patience can run a little low think I need some new energy and inspiration to try and finish the canvas is getting there though.

The "Sulker".

Sounds like something out of Thomas The Tank Engine but apparently "Mona" was given this nickname as she was always shy for steam, if she was on the early trains to catch the boat....the Thomas idea was inspired by the Isle of Man Steam Railway with stories like the "Sulker" its no wonder really (:

See you all soon for stage twelve.

Take care,


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Jun 10, 2021


Jun 10, 2021

It‘s very interesting learning the various stages and processes of your creativity, Ian. That painting is going to look fabulous in it’s new home on the Isle of Man, exactly where it belongs. Enjoy your trip when you visit.

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