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Ian's Art. Mona

Hi everyone,

And welcome to another stage for Mona.

Loco - Now to add the first coat of Apple green but first of all I wanted to make sure I was happy with the overall look of the engine. Once happy, I added the paint to the loco body this needed lightening up as the shade was a little too dark but still needs to be lighter. Also the weather sheet on cab side, I have given this a grey under coat but It'll be a weathered 'used' finish for this.

Back ground - The station building. I decided to do more on this - I've already painted in the clock in black, now the gable end I painted in the green parts which look Tudor style. Also there is a little side building to the left side of the station I painted in the door in green.

Getting more of a feel now - I feel the canvas is coming along more now with more of the base colours being added and the journey on the railway is coming to life more now.

Thank you all for your likes and comments.

See you all soon for stage seven.

Take care,


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3 comentários

30 de mar. de 2021

Really appreciate your detailed description week by week of your lovely work, thank you.


18 de mar. de 2021

Hi Ian such a beautiful paining coming more😀

alive every week well

done thank you for sharing


18 de mar. de 2021

Your painting is really coming to life now Ian, looking great!

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