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Ian's Art - Mona

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another stage for Mona canvas.

My mum and me - Between 1967 and 1968 we went on the train from Peel to St Johns about a three mile journey from Peel - very scenic and following the river Neb. When we got to St Johns, this was a junction for Douglas and Ramsey trains and there was also a little cafe my mum always took me too... "thank you mum for the good memories"

Figures - Sadly these I won't be adding now as they were not working out for me and I didn't want to ruin the canvas. The figures were going to be based around me and my mum but it was all guess work trying to add them? When you are not sure don't do it!

Lorry - This I am now trying to add near the station this is just a template at the moment while I try and sort this out but once hopefully happy i can draw and paint in.

Loco - I painted in the cab area in black also there is a running board that goes round the bottom of the water tanks and around the bottom of the rear cab area this needed some slight

ajustment then I painted this in black also the buffer beam this I have given a coat of red .

Coaches - After painting out the figures these coaches needed recoating with paint again the cream 'll be a little lighter also the red 'll be darker for the livery.

Trials - The last two weeks with the figures going wrong have been a pain....I don't know how Many time I've tried to draw them to get them to the right scale and I just wasn't happy with how they looked in the end I had to hold my hands up to this one....I just hope I can sort out the lorry which is having its moments if this works out I might add a figure near the lorry? (lol) "but you either win or learn" wise words indeed i feel.

Images - I've enclosed two images one of when I attempted to do the figures the pic is in sepia effect and the other is of where I'm now with painting.

See you all soon for the next stage.

Hope you all had a nice Easter.

Take care,


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4 comentarios

12 abr 2021

Thanks for sharing Ian your trials and wins. Keep going, its looking great.

Me gusta

11 abr 2021

Fantastic Ian lots really good memories

Me gusta

09 abr 2021

Lovely memories Ian, and the painting is looking good!

Me gusta

Dave W
08 abr 2021

Thanks Ian. I really liked your story about how your Mum used to take you to a cafe at St. Johns and your appreciation of it. It sounds like a lovely memory.

I can see what you mean about the figures and good that you're leaving them out if causing too much trouble. Great Art work!

Me gusta
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