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Ian's Art - The Umbrella

Ian has spent the week doing some light touches to his painting. They make the painting come alive. This is looking amazing

Hi every one, and welcome to Stage Six PSS Umbrella.

  1. I've been working on the very top window frames trying to improve these

  2. Also the cream parts on the building I've lightened these up a bit

  3. I've started to pick out the brick work using a darker and lighter browns. These I'll dry brush over to blend them in more

  4. I moved on to the door arch and vertical brick work drawing in then going over with a black pen and then painting in, these 'll also be dry brushed and weathered also the glass on the door arch needed adjustment and generally around this area.... this stage 6 seems to be about trying to sort out the perspective

  5. I had to paint out the post on the right side of main door this needs improving upon

  6. I did little bits on the window frames also on lower part of building I painted in white on the wall in between the railings trying to tidy up a little and add light.

See you soon for stage seven and looking forward to getting nearer a finish.

Take care,


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Oct 09, 2020

Fab Ian


Oct 09, 2020

Just Amazing once again Ian.


Oct 09, 2020

An amazing piece of work, Ian. And I agree with Dave, it's those highlights which bring it to life.


Dave W
Oct 09, 2020

I'm really enjoying the steps of your painting. It's amazing watching how the picture comes together. I think this week is my favourite because it shows all those little touches that you have to go back to - for me this is what brings the picture alive. I love the gloss on the blue door and the lightening of the walls. It makes everything stand out even more.

Brilliant work Ian and thanks for sharing

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