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Ian's Art - Umbrella Centre

Hi every one, and welcome to stage seven.

  1. After some drawing and rubbing out I got the right hand side post drawn in by the main door but with the left hand side this took time to sort out much rubbing out again and drawing in.... really makes you appreciate the craftsmanship that went into building these houses

  2. I also added frame around door but for the moment I'm content enough with how the above is going so I took a break from the above

  3. Adding in the drain pipe using ruler and pencil then going over in black pen then painting in the pipe with cream colour also the other cream areas I went over these with a lighter shade

  4. Adding the lamp above the door on lower building

  5. Added the white overflow under the second flower box

  6. The lower building door. I am now working on this and painting the small Windows in white in readiness for the horizontal blinds these'll have a touch of grey in them.

I feel even though the painting isn't finished yet there is plenty of interest detail wise...and more to come.

See you all soon for stage eight.

Take care,


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