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Ian's Art - "Winter Trees"

Ian is kindly taking us through another of his painting as he paints it - a step by step guide so we can see the progress being made. In this starting point Ian explains that it's never easy and we can all learn!!

Hi every one, and welcome to another painting stages.

Seen as we are near the festive time again I was inspired to do this canvas called 'Winter Tree's" which I feel has a great atmosphere and effect with the sky, tree's and snow.

So I'll make a start?

Well I must admit this canvas didn't get off to a great start, in fact it is the second canvas to work on as the first one was full of problems...I just couldn't get the colours right or the effect over all.

Second canvas.

Well this seemed to fair a little better if you refer to image one and two. I added for a base pinkish top and bottom and middle of for light yellow with some white ...but when I added some blue to the top right hand side of canvas to get contrast against the went wrong again as I only wanted a dry brushing. The acrylic paint felt oily so I'll be using another make of paint but hopefully the next stage this 'll be sorted out.

I really want this canvas to be full of effect and atmosphere...I really thought it would be a fun painting after the umbrella...well Ian think again...never mind being a teaching stages...I've been the one learning lol.

Hopefully see you soon for the next stage.

And thank you every one for your lovely comments with the Umbrella has been quite a journey.

Take care,


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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2020

Hi Ian,glad you are back so you are a perfectionist . in your work.

Step by step i have followed you ,.and it,s been a pleasure Winter Trees is going to ne another masterpiece.Well done Ian.

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