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Open Mic - A Zoom Adventure

Join the gang this week for some more entertainment. And we are celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month with poems from Alison, Corinne and Pete. We have...

Corinne with Why Are Thing So Different? Alison with Rainbow!

Gill with Our House

Corinne with Red

Pete with a joint piece written with Alison - This Is Pride

If you are interested in the Open Mic sessions and want to join in then fill in the Contact Us form on the 'Contact Us' tab. You don't have to prepare or read anything out - just come along and have a laugh. You also don't have to be on screen for any recordings - we can simply turn off your Video.

Why not give it a go?


And thanks Corinne for mentioning this - as we'recoming into spring, here's Spring from Vivaldi's Four seasons.

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2 comentários

25 de fev. de 2021

Fantastic everybody, PRIDE of liverpool!


22 de fev. de 2021

Brilliant open mic session well done everyone😁

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