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Phone Photography Challenge: Flowers

Before we get to the theme here is Gails response to last week's challenge which was about music which brings back good memories. And her word to go with them:

‘I've been digging out some old cassette tapes as my van is the only place I can play them and with the windows closed play them loudly.  And I'm transported back to 5th Dec 1981, as a 19 year old watching Joan Armatrading sing live. Oh my listening again to The Weakness in Me.

Then in my mid 20's travelling between Liverpool and Kilburn listening to Tracy Chapman. Her track Across The Lines so poignant and heartbreaking given the horror of the killing of George Floyd.

People of a certain age will know why it was best to have a pencil to hand!’

And from Gill we have another picture of her cat, Sassy.

Thanks so much, Gail and Gill.

This week's theme is flowers. If you're able to go out and to places where you can easily find them that's great. If you have them in a yard, in pots in the house - if your flowers are silk or you've made some from paper - all good. But in case you don't have any, I'm including the making of fowers from anything you can find around the house. Here's my attempt and some flowers I found when out and about.

Please send your photos to:

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