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Phone Photography Challenge: Light

Hello! Before I get on to this week’s challenge we’ve had a great response to the pets theme and a lovely few words from Bev.

‘Many of us have Pets, some fly, some bark and run, some hop around, some miaow quite loud! But the one thing in common we know is that with our Pet’s we don’t have to be anything but who we are , no mask do we need to wear, no fake smile or forced laughter. They accept us just the way we are! Always glad to see us, not asking for much but some time & shelter, food & water, a rub under the chin haha, calms us also and is proved to lower blood pressure & manage stress & anxiety. When out walking with my dog Nancy, I’ve met some great like minded people, and we agree they give us purpose, to go outside to walk our dog’s for their exercise and our own too. Even in Winter, wrapped up cosy it’s lovely to walk the dog, and talk to others. Our Pet’s play an important part in our Wellbeing. They give you back tenfold, what you give them in companionship and love.’ Bev

Here we have Bev’s dog Nancy and Michelle’s rescue dog, Fleckles.

And Wendy’s companion Buddy and one of Adele’s house rabbits.

And Bev and Nancy with sister Jackie and her dog Hippy.

Another of Michell’s rescue dogs, Molly and Bev’s disabled budgie, Icarus. Great name.

For this week’s challenge I’m taking a leaf out of Gail’s book and taking you outside for a look at how light changes how everything looks. And leaves play quite  part. Under the video are three I took while out and about towards the end of the day.

Please send your photos to

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