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Photography Challenge

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Hello! Big thanks to Gillian, Sheila and Gail for this week's photos.

Here's Gillian's response to the 'summer' challenge from last week.


And here are Sheila's. Such beautiful colours.

These flowers definitely say summer.

And here are Gail's wonderful shots of feeding time. She says,

'These last few months I've been fascinated by how birds support and feed their young. It's not always a pretty picture. I've learned the new life and new beginnings for many of these young chicks can be quite fraught and sometimes brutal. Female blackbird sharing a big breakfast berry with one of it's almost fully grown youngsters.'

Here's this week's challenge.

Pick a colour, any colour and look out for it in the coming week. Take photos of anything that appeals to you of that colour and send them in to:

As ever, we're happy to receive any photos you'd like to share. Here are mine on the theme of yellow.

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