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Photography Challenge Are You Feeling Nostalgic

Hello! Big thanks to Bev and Gill for this week's gallery. Let's start with Bev's visit to the light extravaganza in Liverpool. This is my favourite shot.

And here's Bev's response to the Things That Make You Go Mmm challenge - her Sunday roast and some goodies.

It's never too early to test Easter eggs, that's what I say then you can clear your conscience with an apple. Perfect!

And Gill's response to the same challenge - yumarama!

I'll take one of each please.

What more could anyone want!

Thanks both for a lovely gallery.

This weeks challenge is about nostalgia. When I was a child I would sometimes take out a box which lived in a sideboard in our front room. It was and is full of teaspoons from my dad's days at sea and from holidays we took. He gave me the box before he died and it brings back memories of my childhood fascination with its contents.

Do you have any items in your home which make you nostalgic? If you'd like to share photos on this theme or any other, or just something which has caught your eye in the coming week, please send them to: .

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Mar 29, 2021

Hi Tracy is there not going to be poems next week

Mar 30, 2021
Replying to

Yes Gill, there will be poetry on the Bank Holiday.


Mar 29, 2021

Hi lovely pics Bev. yummy .Also great great from Tracy

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