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Photography Challenge Can You See the Signs?

Hello! Big thanks to Jennie, Gill, and Bev for this week's gallery. They've all taken really interesting photos for last week's Not Pretty But...challenge. When we have the urge to take a photo we're often drawn to subjects which are pretty or attractive in some way and there's nothing wrong with that. But photos don't need to be pretty. They can be worth looking at because there's something interesting about them. It might be because of the shapes, colours textures or because of what they're showing us.

Jennie created her own subject for her first shot which she called, Why was there a potato in my bed? Not what I'd call pretty but definitely interesting.

A closed down pub and and a faded mural caught Gill's eye. I like that these shots are similar but different. Both about how things change over time but with very different effects.

Meanwhile Bev made some discoveries of washed up history on the beach.

She says of the first one, 'Some of the old bricks had London stamped on them , so must have been shipped to Liverpool to use for our beautiful buildings'.

I really like the contrast between all the colours, shapes and textures. The man made objects look out of place amongst what look like naturally made rocks. And history in all of it.

Here are two more finds from around the city from Jenny. Urban decay and Why is there a chair padlocked to a lamppost outside Aldi? she asks. Answers on a postcard ;-) I like the angle of the first and how the railing being so close pulls us into the picture.

Well done everyone! And apart from interesting photos, a bit of an accidental colour scheme going on this week.

And speaking of colour, that's one of the signs I'm asking about. Have you seen autumn where you are? Are you seeing changing colours or leaf fall when you'e out and about? Or if you're staying in - what's outside your window? Or are there signs of autumn inside your home? Are the woolies coming out? Thicker socks? Warmer, cosy feeling food being eaten? We'd like to see your photos of any signs you can see this coming week.

If you'd like to hear me say all that while looking at a nice beach, click the image below.

Here are a couple of my signs of autumn from last year.

Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

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