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Photography Challenge - Kitchen Close-up

Hello! Great photos again this week and big thanks to Bev, Sheila, Gail and Gill for today's gallery.

Here's Bev's collection of wood and flowers. Great shapes, colours and textures.

Sheila's favourite mug - when it's full of coffee! she says. This is nicely placed, with a very cosy looking scene behind.

Gail's beautiful birds and feathers: 'buzzard flying into the clouds walking by the Mersey up near Speke, adult and young goldfinches outside my living room window, buzzard feather taken on a walk on Anglesey where a buzzard nest is just above and a delicate feather being cradled by a montbretia flower in Calderstones Park'.

I partcularly like the composition in this last one and the fact that you noticed the feathers, Gail.

And here are Gill's photos of her daughter's graduation - congrats!, the lovely silver cat featured in her poem on Monday and a sky shot that shows off the architecture of these gorgeous buildings.

A great variety. Thanks again to everyone. And now for this week's challenge.

Use anything at all from your kitchen - utensils, food, packaging, surfaces, washing up bubbles, water - and take a photo or photos close-up. If you're using your phone, try tapping the screen where you want to focus and the phone should adjust the focus to make it clearer.

I chose pasta...

...and the reflections from sunlight through a glass on to a chopping board. I've gone closer with each shot.

Have a go and please send you photos to:

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