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Photography Challenge - Easy as ABC

Hello! Big thanks to Sheila, Gill, Bev and Gail for this week's gallery. It's always interesting to see each person's take on a subject as well as the subjects they've chosen.

Here's Sheila's response to last week's challenge, Kitchen Close-up.

Love the contrast between the colours, textures and shapes in these photos.

Here's Gill's response to the same challenge. I particularly like her upside down cans.

Something unexpected can make an image stand out.

And Bev's collection gives a lovely feeling of cosy homeliness.

While Gail brings us more great photos of nature at work.

Thanks so much. Keep them coming!

Here's this weeks challenge.

Take a look around your home for things which begin with the letters A, B or C. You can choose all three letters if you like. If you find more than one item, see how you can group them together in a way which appeals to you. And maybe experiment with the angle you take the photo from. Here's my adaptor and almonds.

Have fun!

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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2020

Great photos every one love them

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