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Photography Challenge: I See a Little Silhouetto of a Man

This photo by Bev gave me the idea for this week's challenge which, you've guessed it, is silhouettes.

But before we get to that, big thanks to Bev and Gill for this week's gallery.

Here's Gill's response to the 'soft' challenge.

Those plants on the left definitely make me think of a soft cushion and the grasses look as soft as feathers. And then a lovely contrast with the shapes of these lemony petals.

And here's Bev's response to the from below challenge. She almost has silhouettes here too.

I really like the shapes of the leaves against the sky and the blurred background in the photo below that makes the leaves in the foreground such a strong image. And I reckon that stag looks bigger than it is because of the angle.

Well done both!

Now on to this week's challenge. Here's me sort of demonstrating it :-)

To create a silhouette just make sure the light is behind whatever you want to photogtraph.

And ideally you want more light behind than in front - so photographing something against the sky towards the end of the day works well, like these trees I took at sunset.

Or this shot of Southport Pier towards the end of the day.

But you don't have to go outside to do this. If you have dim light or no light in your room and point your camera at a tree outside your window say, the tree will be in silhouette.

Or if you have an ornament in your window, you could try photographing that around sunset.

I've always liked silhouettes and they can look quite dramatic. Why not give it a go?

Please send your photos on this or anything else which catches your eye this week to:

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Sep 13, 2020

Really great thou Bev


Sep 12, 2020

Wow wow they are fab Bev well done. Thank you Gail for your great comments


Sep 12, 2020

Amazing photos all round 😊💜

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