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Photography Challenge - is coming to a close

All good things must come to an end and we've had such a lot of goodies over the last year, that for our last post in two weeks, we'll be presenting some highlights.

But this week it's big thanks to Gail and Bev for their photos. And what better way to start than with this great capture by Gail.

Long tailed tit

Meanwhile Bev had what looks like a lovely day out in Marbury Country Park.

What a lovely place. It's in Northwich.

More from Gail, with her words.

Bumble beauty loving the echinacea

We must get some wild lavender for the barn, says Gail. Quite right.

Bumbles loving the wild lavender

There were 4 crows sitting together at first, all looking in different directions but one had gone by the time i'd got my camera out.

Nesting female blackbird in a shrub in my mum's garden. Not the clearest as I didn't want to frighten her. Likely to be her last brood of the season. I sent in a photo of a female blackbird a few weeks back. I watched her then coming and going with twigs for a nest. I hope to capture her fledglings when i go visit soon. My mum puts out food and gives me updates.

Field of Barley, Rufford

Matilda the Kerry Blue from Perth, who loves to wake up the whole village at 7.30 when she spots a squirrel.

Heart stones on the isle of Iona

What a beautiful gallery for our penultimate week. Thanks so much Bev and Gail for sharing your photos.

It's going to be quite a job picking highlights from the last year! Hope you'll pop in to enjoy them.

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