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Photography Challenge: Things that Make You Go Mmm

Hello! Big thanks to Gail, Gill and Bev for this week's gallery.

Gail's photos show us what a bit of patience can give you.

How cute is this long tailed tit!
Mating Moorhens
Love this shot of a coal tit
And beautiful thrush

And here's Gail's respnse to the small and close challenge.

These are called turkey tailed mushrooms - I didn't know that!

And here are some lovely views of Gill's visit to the walled garden in Reynolds Park. Love the shapes the branches have made on the walls.

And now a bit of drama in Bev's garden. A sparrowhawk has caught a bird for lunch!

When I'm in power everything will be a vegetarian!

Thanks so much for a fab gallery!

This week's challenge is to do with anything which makes you go Mmm. This is a cake from the local bakery. They only make them for particular occasions. It makes me even more grateful for mothers! Sorry the photos aren't the best owing to excessive gooeyness!

It went down very case you were wondering ;-) Roll on Fathers' Day!

But as ever, we welcome photos on any theme. Please send them to :

Happy snapping!

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