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Photography Challenge: What can we see through?

Hello! Big thanks to Gail for this week's gallery and I've thrown in a few of mine from this week too.

Let's start with Gail's birds. I wonder what's so interesting to this blue tit?

Here are two beautiful portraits, almost as if the birds had posed for them.

And here are a few things which caught my eye this week. First, apple blossom in the garden.

I can't resist a feather and the colours, pattern and textures of it against the ground really applealed to me.

Another kind of blossom but what it is I don't know. The leaves didn't sem quite right for hawthorn.

And not a dandelion but possibly related.

This week's challenge is to take a photo through something else. It culd be as simple as cutting a hole in a piece of paper, or taking a shot through the gap in curtains, or the holes in a kitchen utensil. Here are a couple of examples from me.

This is through the space where a roof once was.

And this is from underneath the springs of an old bed!

Or you can simply send us a photo or photos from your week.

Please send them to:

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