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Photography Challenge What Gives You Comfort?

Hello! Big thanks to Owen, Nicky, Bev, Jennie and Gill for this week's gallery. We have colour - hoorah! Let's start with Owen's beautiful Christmas tree. I also love the reflections of the lights...and that lovely train at the foot of the tree.

And from Nicky, 'This beautiful painting brightens my day. A few years back the wasteland on Smithdown Road was a riot of wild flowers, I used to admire all the colours from the bus to and from work, it really was the most beautiful sight. Luckily it was captured in this painting by Jennie, an artist who used to attend the centres, I bought it at her exhibition in The Bluecoat, and have hung it in my living room. Aren't I the lucky one!' You certainly are!

Here are some great colourful images from Bev. The first is a hessian print - love it and that streak of light across it. And two lovely pieces of material - I think red is definitely a favourite of Bev's.

And just what we need - some sun!

Jennie's photos are a proper riot of colour. She says of this first one, 'And yep I did go out in yellow tights and pink boots last March just before lockdown'. And why the heck not! I agree with her message too.

This photograph of a lovely picture is from Gill.

And so are these flowers. Love the colours and light in both.

A great gallery and thanks so much for answering the call for colour.

This video doesn't actually tell you about the challenge - I just wanted to share some of the brightness I enjoyed on Christmas Eve. And then afterwards I thought about how comforting that brightness was after all the grey days and how much comfort I get from my walks around these fields taking a break from busyness.

So can you take a photo or photos of what gives you comfort? My other thoughts were a steaming cup of coffee with a couple of the delicious chocolates I got for Christmas. I could also have used tea and toast or a cosy fleece blanket I have. It could be a book, a film, a pair of slippers! As ever, it's very personal.

Please send your photos on this or any other subject to:

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1 Comment

Dec 26, 2020

Thanks beautiful pic,s.Also lovely walks around field,s from Tracy breathtaking.

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