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Photography Challenge - What's Inside?

Hello! Big thanks to Gail, Bev and Sheila for this weeks gallery.

Very happy to have grabbed your attention with this beautiful - can you believe it - 19! year old cat Gail has been spending time with this week. Great shots too.

And we've been pleasantly bugged this week by responses to the last challenge - Bug Me.

Bev's been bugged by flies, bees and a shield bug.

While Sheila sent us this beautiful flower with the question, what is it? But we can't identify the tiny bug either. Any ideas gratefully received.

And Gail has sent us a great selection of little critters including a grasshopper, a ruby beetle a red admiral and honey bees! The one on the green netting - any ideas?

Meanwhile, back in Bev's bloomin' lovely garden - some sweet smelling honeysuckle. The angle of this shot works really well.

Love the dappled sunlight and shadows in this next one.

And when she was out and about look what she found - geese and goslings and a cinnebar moth.

Thanks so much for sharing your fab photos! This week's challenge is about showing us what's inside of - well, anything. A few examples from me.

So it could be food you're chopping up, flowers, a trinket box, a drawer, a pan, a handbag, your dog's mouth! - or anything else you can think of.

Please send your photos on this or any theme to:

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